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So, I decided to take up commissions in two ways.

#1: Cash
Very straight forward, $5 a sprite (won't be doing hi-res). Add another dollar to that if your character's wearing a cape or has a big amount of detail going on (talking like tats and straps all over the sumbitch).

#2: Action Figures
Since I've been collection action figures quite a bit lately, I have decided to try this out on a trial basis to see if anyone is interested. I can do a commission of sorts for you in exchange for an action figure. Odd, yes, but it opens up some possibilities. Since I have no monetary gain this way, I reserve the right to use video game sources. That means four things: 1) It'll probably be done quicker. 2) I'll probably be able to make it grander/put more into it (i.e. like a backround/FX maybe). 3) Hi-res/big scenes/mock ups are possible. 4) No exchanging of money. We can decide what to value said figure I'll be receiving for this service and going off that we'll know how much will be going into the spritework. Now, for figures that interest me (which don't need to be boarded/still in their packaging, as long as they're in good condition).

Pretty much any DC 6 inch figure (that's well articulated like these figures… )
Most any Lantern in any color as long as they meet the 6 inch or so requirement (mostly from Blackest Night/Brightest Day series)
Any Build-A-Figure (or even just pieces from BAFs)
Harley Quinn (Hush series or the shiny version from the Mad Love set)
Man Bat (DC Classics, Imperiex Wave 10)
Man Bat (SDCC 2007 Exclusive)
Bane (DC Superheroes 2007, black is better but camo is fine)
Azrael Batman (DC Classics, Bane Wave 16, red or blue)
Green Arrow (DC Classics, Chemo Wave 9)
Martian Manhunter (DC Classics, Validus Wave 15 variant or regular)

I know some of those are pricey, some not so much but just a general idea of figures I'm currently after. Again, said I'm fine accepting most DC 6 inch figures that are from newer series but never know, might have something older I like. As for Marvel figures, aside from Build-A-Figure pieces..not sure, show me pics? Might like something but mostly rather stick to DC.

In any case, if this works for you, NOTE ME.!
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It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become.
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Hey man, how are you doing these days? I hope all is well with you! :)
Hey, man. All is well, I just lost my luster for spriting for the most part. Been busy also and my computer is pretty much crap and ridiculously slow lately. Which is a big reason why I'm hardly ever on it anymore, just don't have the patience for it. So..I need a new comp. How have you been? I don't check around too often too thoroughly anymore by any means so I've no idea what's going on in the Mugen world either. How's the rest of the team?
Shockdingo Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey 'Zarro! Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your comp issues, I  hope it all works out for you. I feel ya on the spriting, I keep going back and forth on it, though when I work on a video project and wrap up it makes me want to go back hah.

I've been up and down hah, looking for work like always and keeping busy. I haven't been too up to date on Mugen as a whole, been connected to a few projects as a VA, but don't have my pulse to the community like I used to. Interesting things catch my eye every once in a while though.

I haven't talked too much to the whole team, but people are doing good so far.

It was good talking to you again man, best of luck with everything and I'll catch you later! :)
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