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Katniss Everdeen (Blue Lantern) by WorldsWorstDetective Katniss Everdeen (Blue Lantern) by WorldsWorstDetective
Half asleep so a witty title will come later along with an alternate pal.

Anywho, this came about after seeing the new Hunger Games trailers and hearing that Katniss has inspired hope a million times over. So..enjoy.!
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Degamer-EXE Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
Please do the other hunger games character President snow is practicley asking to be red lantern with his bleeding mouth.
math-san Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013   Writer
Shit, that looks great. Like it a lot better than my Artemis concept. Did you use Samurai Shodown's Mika?
(bow does look backwards, though)

Also, if she were a Green Lantern, "Katniss Evergreen" would be an obvious pun. ;)
Thanks, man. I had to take a look through your gallery to check out Artemis (barely realized I wasn't watching you, quickly changed that) and gotta say I love the take you did on her. Who did you use.? Looks like Rogue's legs shrunken down but not sure beyond that. For Katniss I did use Mika but pretty much redrew her torso and legs are from Maki (CvS) but they're technically taken from one of my Harley sprites. I wanted to make the bow look like it had just taken a powerful shot but seems like I only made it look backwards. Haha.

Hehe. Yup, that would be good. Too bad it was "hope" that was mentioned a million times.
math-san Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013   Writer
Thanks, man. :)
I believe my Artemis has a mix of Marrow's legs with some resizing (maybe some franken too, that lady has some weird leg positions), Jill's torso and SF Mika's head. Not sure where her arms came from, but maybe they're Jill's as well. Bow and arrow came from the same place yours did. :)
I like CvS Maki's legs as well, used them a few times for girls/small people (Damian, talking about you).

I can see the bow movement now that you mentioned it. Maybe it's just a little extra bent, I guess.

Anyways, that's a great concept, man. Sounds wip friendly too - Maki has not got a bunch of kicks, but some CvS Athena could be an easy trade.
ssaffr01 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
Is the Bow backwards?
nikbotx Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
awesome :D
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